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Ted and his girls

Μέσα σ' όλα αυτά τα χρόνια που ασχολούμαστε με τα ζώα και ιδιαίτερα με τα αδέσποτα, έχουμε γνωρίσει πολλά κι έχουμε πολλές ιστορίες να διηγηθούμε. Σιγουρα ομως η ιστορια του Τεντ απο τον Καναδα, ο οποιος ζητησε την βοηθεια μας για να βρει το αδεσποτο που αγαπησε στις διακοπές του και για το οποιο ξαναγυρισε στην Ελλαδα ειναι απο τις πιο συγκινητικες. Ειναι απο τις ιστοριες που δεν πρεπει να ξεχνιουνται, γιατι δειχνουν πως υπαρχουν ακομα Ανθρωποι, ειναι απο τις ιστοριες που πρεπει να αναφερονται σαν παραδειγματα!

Ο Τεντ και τα κοριτσια του μας ενημερωνουν διαρκως για την εξελιξη των καταστασεων στο σπιτι τους, στον Καναδα, στελνοντας φωτογραφιες και τα νεα τους. Στην τελευταια μας αλληλογραφια, μας εστειλε το γραμμα που σας δημοσιευουμε, ζητωντας συγνωμη που το καθυστερησε και μας ευχαριστεί για την προσπαθεια ευρεσης της Θηνας και της Φοιβης.

Αν και οι ευχαριστιες θα επρεπε να πανε ολες στον Τεντ. Το ταξίδι του και η αναζήτηση για την Θήνα του, μας υπενθύμησε ότι υπάρχουν ακόμα αξίες που τις νομίζαμε χαμένες...

During the years, our involvement with animals and especially with stray ones, have offered us many stories to tell. But one thing that is certain is that Ted’s story, the person who asked for our help in finding the stray dog he fell in loved with during his vacations here in Greece, and for which he came all the way from Canada to take back, is the most touching story. It is the kind of story that should not be forgotten as it shows that there are still Humans out there, it is the kind of story that should be mentioned as an example!

Ted and his girls often sends us their news and updates, telling us how they are all getting on in Canada. In his last email he send us a thank you letter attached which we are publishing, apologizing for not sending it earlier to thank us officially for everything we did in his quest to find Thena and Phoebe.

We truly believe that all the “Thank you” and acknowledgments should be given to Ted, for reminding us the reasons we fight for strays, and teaching us that we should not be discouraged, for showing us that there are still Humans our there….

"This letter is delinquent in coming. It is too long overdue, for which I apologize. I also apologize that I do not have a Greek keyboard, or the education in Greek to use one.

Last November there was a search for a stray dog in Greece by a retired Canadian soldier. The search was not an easy one, but it was successful, and resulted in saving two dogs, and bringing them to their forever home in Canada. This is old news now, and this letter is not about that, but about the people who made it possible.

The search and happy result would probably never have even gotten off the ground were it not for the assistance of Dianne Aldan (“Tails From Greece”), who’s honest dedication to saving animals and connections with the KAZ shelter in Markopoulo got things started. Dianne was our first point of contact for “Operation Thena”, and her connection with Vana Theodoridou at the KAZ shelter in Markopoulo got things rolling. Vana’s contact, Giorgos Dritsas, confirmed that Thena had been sighted, and arrangements were made to try to find her again. Vana took the lead when I arrived, chauffering, sorting out details, loaning me a cell phone and assisting in every way until the elusive Thena was found, rescued from her terrible situation, and flown to Canada. She kept contact with Peggy in Canada, to update her on activities, and she & Fifi Marcou allowed me to stay at the KAZ shelter with an ill “Thena2” (Phoebe), and later with Thena.

It is important to recognize that either Dianne, Vana or Fifi, (or all) could have easily said “He’s not looking for one of our dogs, just one currently running the streets. This really doesn’t help us reduce our rescue population, so forget it.” This would have been entirely understandable, but love and genuine concern for homeless strays was paramount, and both went out of their way to do everything they could. It was a great experience to meet the wonderful volunteers at KAZ.

Thena and Phoebe are now safe and happy here in Kingston, giving and receiving love and affection previously unknown to them on the cruel streets of Loutraki, due primarily to the selfless efforts of “KAZ” and “Tails” and the warm hearts that give so much to make them work.

“Tails” - Dianne & George Aldan

“KAZ” - Fifi Marcou & Vana Theodoridou / Giorgos Dritsas (a KAZ contact)

Manolis / Archondoula / Kaiti / Fotini / Mara / “John” - (20 years a soldier) David (who fed me too much)

We will never forget them.

Ted & Peggy Davidson, Thena & Phoebe."

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